Tier 1

$2995Per Device
  • 1-4 users

Tier 2

$2595Per Device
  • 5-9 users

Tier 3

$2395Per Device
  • 10-24 users

Tier 4

$2195Per Device
  • 25-49 users

Tier 5

$1995Per Device
  • Per Device

*Taxes and regulatory fees not included

We have been using IndyVoIP for years now and love it. Previously we had Vonage – which worked fine but provided none of the advanced features and cost more. We then switched to Ring Central – and found the call quality and customer service lacking. With IndyVoIP – we now have great call quality, reliable phones and tons of features that help us present the professional, above the competition feel we were looking for!
PC Computer Guy
We were apprehensive about making the change to VoIP. We had a traditional old fashioned POTS system that people had become very accustomed to. Nick held our hand and walked us through the entire process. Now we have a better, more reliable phone system, with newer phones, that actually costs less money. Nick was also able to set our router up so that we could utilize 2 different ISPs, in case of an outage, which made increased our reliability even further.